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Tank Carnage is a team death match (TDM) 3d action game with imaginary tanks. Game is easy to learn, but hard to master. In single player mode you fight one or more tanks driven by artificial intelligence of different abilities. All tanks have equal abilities and can endure equal damage regardless of the type of the tank. AI is very slow at the beginning allowing you enough time and space to get experienced. Controls are very simple and anyone can do it with a little practice. Game can also be played with the standard joypad/gamepad.

Install instructions

Once you've downloaded installer, click it twice and follow simple instructions. Game requires you to have a 3D video card that supports Shader 2.0. The game starts in widescreen mode by default 1280x720, so if you have old monitors that are not widescreen, you'll have to manually switch to desired resolution. Default quality is fantastic, but if your computer is not high-end, you can lower that setting as well to get the best experience possible.


TankCarnage.exe 35 MB

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